The Power of Koi Fish

Article by Stacey Grant, Founder + CEO

Graphic by Cara Au Yong, Production Intern

June is here. Finally. The smell of fresh cut grass. The birds chirping. The sun shining. It’s bliss. Also with June comes Father’s Day, an opportunity to celebrate all the dads who have helped to shape our lives. And a sad day for those of us who miss that guy, and cherish his memory.

My dad, Wally Grant, was the coolest guy in the world. He always told me he would support my dreams so I do my best to honor his legacy every day that I step into our offices here at Koi-Fly Creative. When he passed away in 2010, he had a love for entrepreneurship, family, and his pond full of koi fish that he cared for like his own children.

My co-founder Eric’s dad worked for years at Boeing in the Apollo program, making sure helicopters were equipped to fly safely. He had a saying that Eric and I repeat often, “Patience and Perseverance.” He helped the world fly.

So, it was simple. Eric and I named our company after our dads, who have become our angels and look down on everything we do. In recognition of Father’s Day, I’ve been thinking about smart ways to honor our fathers as we focus on purposeful ways to grow our business.

Make Sure Work Makes You Happy.

Research strongly suggests that positive emotion increases creativity and problem-solving ability and aids in fighting stress. Happiness at work, defined as pleasure, engagement, and a sense of meaning, can improve revenue, profitability, staff retention, customer loyalty and workplace safety.

It’s all about positive psychology, a discipline that Koi-Fly Creative applies to every aspect of business planning, content creation, and entrepreneurship. Achieving a certification in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) in 2015 continuously allows me to pull from that knowledge source daily.

The team refers to ourselves as ‘Gumby.’ When changes happen, we adapt quickly, happily, and with grace (we are in the entertainment business after all). We feel lucky to be immersed in the daily joys and challenges of growing a business.

Approach Everything With a Sense of Purpose.

Businesses succeed when their cultures are imbued with a sense of purpose.

It’s rewarding to discover and promote the heart in a brand’s story. It’s about truly listening to your clients, digging deep, and uncovering their soul.

Speak Up and Speak Honestly.

Kim Scott, a former Google director and professional career coach, believes good feedback is rooted in caring personally and challenging directly. Combined, these elements create radical candor: meaningful, personal guidance that’s honest, bold, and straightforward.

This method of communication, while delicate in its execution, is a crucial step to solving daily challenges and hitting goals.

Practice Mindfulness Every Day.

The tenets of mindfulness work in any small business.

When we hear and understand each other better, we work more efficiently in-house. Staying present also enables us to more accurately exceed clients’ needs.

In practicing these principles, we apply our culture to the campaigns and visual content we create. With heart, with candor, and always with our fathers’ legacies in mind.

Stacey Grant, Founder + CEO

Stacey’s past experience includes working in the Ad Agency world and building her own Digital Media Company, Grant Consulting, where she launched and managed successful business social media campaigns and created corporate videos for various small to mid-sized companies. Prior to that, she was a proven success at Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Commercial Printing Sales for fortune 500 companies.

Stacey is a member of Pipeline Angels, a network of new and seasoned women investors, volunteered and sat on the Board of Directors for Family Lives On Foundation. She recently achieved the Mary Murphy Award recognizing an individual or organization whose philanthropic work improves the well-being of grieving children and the NAPW Award for Outstanding Excellence and Dedication to Her Profession and the Achievement of Women.

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