Cara Au Yong, DP + Editor
Hikari Leon, Director + Assistant Editor
Erin Versaggi, Creative Producer + Assistant Editor
Lisa Fendrick, Associate Producer

Pause | Internship Project 2018

In addition to learning and experiencing the ins and outs of production and marketing, the Koi-Fly Creative Summer Internship Program also provides the students an opportunity to create a branded video from start to finish. The process contains everything from budgeting and scripting to filming and editing.

The intern team acts as its own content studio assigning roles to each member. This gives accountability and a better idea of the workflow utilized when creating a client video project.

Hikari Leon, Assistant Director on the project, was quoted saying, “The internship project was a wonderful opportunity for each of the interns to combine our talents and, produce a piece of content that we felt represented the people who make Koi-Fly Creative possible. The original concept was similar to the recent viral video challenge called, “The Mannequin Challenge.” This allowed us to highlight each individual member of the Koi-Fly Creative team. As expected, there were a few setbacks during our post-production phase but, we were able to use those setbacks to our advantage. I could not be more pleased with the experience that I gained through this project. Not only did I learn some very valuable skills, but I was also able to work alongside some incredibly talented interns.”

The team, self-named “Lil’ Koi”, had access to any and all of Koi-Fly Creative’s equipment and staff to help them throughout the process.

Erin Versaggi, veteran intern and Creative Producer on the project, had this to say about the process:

“The process of creating the internship project was simultaneously exciting, educational, and rewarding. From the original concept to the final cut, our video took on new lifeforms each step of the way. The thrill of shooting, especially with such a fun cast/team, was the highlight for me; and playing with new angles, staging, and lighting with each take gave us creative freedom. This video highlights the employees at Koi-Fly Creative and allows it’s viewer to see a more personable side of them through their ‘nickname.’ I’m proud of how this project turned out and had so much fun along the way.”

Lisa Fendrick, Associate Producer on the project, agreed saying:

“Working on the intern project at Koi-Fly was a new and exciting experience for me. As someone with little background in the area of video production, it was a chance for me to learn from the other interns, and to see how passionate and knowledgeable they are about creating video content. Also, the intern project allowed me to exercise some of the more managerial skills that I have been developing in school as a business major, which I really appreciated. I think that we all enjoyed the opportunity to work on the project because it helped us grow as a team and really gave us ownership of the product that we were creating.”

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