Cast & Crew


A collaborative content studio that helps agencies and brands connect with their audiences through the power of video.

We offer a new breed of digital storytelling that breaks through with a fresh perspective and greater authenticity; inspiring engagement, evoking emotion, and propelling action.

From the beginning, we immerse ourselves in your brand to understand your audiences, business model, and marketing goals.

A single piece of video content evolves into an entire content collection – from full length videos to snackable shorts to still visuals, for use across your marketing ecosystem.

Then we create a strategic distribution plan to execute your content because for us, it’s not just about creating video content, it’s about what you do with it.

Stacey Grant // Founder + CEO

Creating and Producing a Public Service Announcement in her role as Marketing and Outreach Strategist for Family Lives On Foundation inspired Stacey to found and incorporate Koi-Fly Creative.

Stacey’s past experience includes working in the Ad Agency world and building her own Digital Media Company, Grant Consulting, where she launched and managed successful business social media campaigns and created corporate videos for various small to mid-sized companies. Prior to that, she was a proven success at Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Commercial Printing Sales for various fortune 500 companies.

Stacey is a member of Pipeline Angels, a network of new and seasoned women investors, and sits on the Board of Directors for Family Lives On Foundation. She recently achieved the Mary Murphy Award recognizing an individual or organization whose philanthropic work improves the well-being of grieving children and the NAPW Award for Outstanding Excellence and Dedication to Her Profession and the Achievement of Women.


Eric LaCasse // Founder, Cinematographer + Senior Editor 

Eric had a video camera on his shoulder from the age of 12. He worked with a wedding videography company after college then landed his dream job; doing camera for QVC, the number one global retailer. At QVC, Eric worked his way up the ranks to being an award-winning Broadcast Senior Technical Director and cameraman for the fast-paced, live, retail presentations. During his more than 20 year tenure at QVC, he also became proficient in audio, editing and graphics. Studying steadicam under the inventor, Garrett Brown, led Eric to utilize his camera skills in 3 independent films as well as in the studio.

Eric has directed remote productions in Italy, England, and all over the USA, beaming retail shows to more than 250 million people worldwide, daily.

In addition to directing live events and implementing multi-camera studio/field productions, Eric gained extensive experience collaborating with clients, and hosts, using creativity, timing, speed and technical skills to achieve their goals and meet on-air deadlines. He routinely supervises a crew of 10 or more people while continuing to be an active camera operator shooting with a Hand-Held, Jib and Steadicam. For Koi-Fly, Eric deftly pilots the Phantom 2 drone capturing the beautiful aerial shots that Koi-Fly is named for.

Eric has instructed Steadicam for the Steadicam Operators Association Workshop and to Film Students at Asbury University in Kentucky for over 5 years.

IMDB Eric LaCasse

Leslie Schmidt // Director of Content

From concept to delivery, Leslie brings your ideas to life!

Leslie is an Ithaca College Alumni with a comprehensive background in reality TV [Project Runway, Top Chef]. Upon her return from Los Angeles, Leslie immersed herself in shooting brand enhancement videography and lifestyle photography. Curiosity brought her into the creative content distribution world working with retail brands [Volkswagen, Clorox] to further their messaging through targeted ad content. She is passionate about telling your authentic story (and has the ability to get even the toughest person to let loose on camera).

When she’s not producing or shooting you can find her rowing, dreaming of becoming the next Joanna Gaines, but mostly trying to keep up with her family’s high energy.

Shelly Maxwell // Lead Marketing Strategist

Shelly’s past professional experience includes communications strategy, project management, public relations, and video production.

The only thing Shelly loves more than helping to further develop start-up creative agencies is exploring the world. Shelly enjoyed learning about new languages, cultures, and food while backpacking through Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina.

Shelly also enjoys guacamole, Friday afternoons, and cookie dough.

Nicole Monte // Director of Account Services

After graduating from college, Nicole stumbled on the chance to work as an assistant editor for a small independent film. That little film went on to win the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, and was the unexpected beginning of a career in TV and Film Production. Twenty years later, Nicole now has extensive experience in Post Production, and Production Management. She has produced shows for numerous networks, including Food Network, PBS, TLC, Travel Channel, Nat Geo, Lifetime Television, and MTV.

Amy Lim // Director of Development

There’s just something about telling good stories that fuels Amy’s fire. Personally and professionally it’s what she does best. Plus, her personal library of stories is so rich thanks to many of her professional journeys. Amy has spent most of the last decade scouting new shows for Discovery Channel and its sister networks. So whether it’s finding the few living souls in the frozen tundras of British Columbia, or the soft side of a gang of 1%ers in rural Oregon, riding along with the Sheriff’s department in small town North Dakota, or casting charismatic little people in suburban Maryland, Amy is up for the task.

Amy attended Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, where she studied Broadcast Journalism. She began her career as a News Producer covering everything from the Red Sox epic, drought-ending World Series championship to Barack Obama’s first Presidential Inauguration. But her favorite story was the hemispherectomy of an 8-year girl from Texas who traveled to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital to have half her brain removed by world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. This coverage earned Amy her first Emmy nomination and helped the little girl’s parents begin a foundation for kids with only half a brain.

Amy’s personality is that of a chameleon and she is comfortable in literally any situation talking with literally anybody. She loves to interview people, especially in a way that makes them overlook the fact that they’re being interviewed.
Most notably, Amy has never met a dance-off she doesn’t like and she believes every party deserves a theme with guests dressed accordingly.


Dave Bisson // Director of Production

For over eight years, Dave Bisson has acted as a key member in the production offices of dozens of major film and television projects in the NYC area.

His passion for film and production is a life-spanning interest and, beginning as a kid on a remote island in Maine, Dave and his friends would get together and create short amateur films. What began as a hobby evolved into a drive, and he was inevitably led to pursue a degree in Media Production from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.

Dave has also collaborated on several viral marketing campaigns on the commercial level and is particularly known for a series in which he candidly surprises car shoppers with a homespun rap song about automobiles.

In his spare time Dave has self-published three graphic novels, and once recorded a song about cats that became a top trending story on Buzzfeed.

Peter Prokop // Editor + Cinematographer

Peter is a utility infielder of production. Aside from video production, he has worked in studio photography, tech support, and communication strategy in the U.S and abroad. In Rome, he worked for the Vatican’s social media team and helped launch Pope Francis’s Instagram account. He developed his passion for production at Villanova University, where he completed three social-justice documentaries, working as a photographer, editor, and director.  He is also a die-hard Cleveland sports fan and occasionally juggles flaming torches.

Candace Boissy // Director

Candace Boissy was born and raised in rural Connecticut where her vivid imagination and creative spirit were evident from an early age. In her mind, her backyard was an enchanted forest in which the horses she rode became magical unicorns and the bullfrogs who lived in her pond became guests at her tea parties. When the weather didn’t allow for outdoor activities, Candace staged elaborate productions in her parent’s basement, casting her brother and cousins in the leading roles and constructing sets out of bed sheets, cardboard boxes and old toys.

Although several years have passed, not much has changed for Candace, who now conveys her love of storytelling through her branded content, documentary and reality television projects. With nearly fifteen years of experience in the industry, Candace has traveled the world creating content for numerous studios and networks, including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, TLC, PBS, the Cooking Channel, the Travel Channel, MTV and ABC Studios.

In addition to her successful career, Candace enjoys riding horses (which she still considers to be magical unicorns), playing with her puppies, and volunteering at animal shelters.