Client: RIPE Craft Juice

Director: Candace Boissy
DP: Andy Schwartz
Cinematographer: Andy Schwartz
EP: Stacey Grant
Story Producer: Candace Boissy

Post Production
Editor: Eric LaCasse
Editor: John Gerbec
Editor: Andy Schwartz
Editor: Peter Prokop
Color: Eric LaCasse

RIPE Recipes

Web series are currently taking the internet by storm, allowing viewers to quickly see the diverse benefits of a specific product. They are fun, shareable, and engaging! In our most recent web series, we highlight RIPE bar juices.

Seven different juices. Seven different drinks. Learn how to make each one tasty and beautiful with these quick videos. Whether your drink of juice is a mojito, whiskey sour, or bloody mary, there’s something for everyone with RIPE.

This series was shot over two days, on location at Life’s Patina Willowbrook Farm, in Malvern, PA. Shot by Andrew Schwartz, directed by Candace Boissy, and Executive Produced by Stacey Grant, Ripe Recipes is a fun and shareable way to learn how to create the perfect drink using Ripe Bar Juices.

See the rest of our RIPE Recipe series on our Vimeo or our branded content page.